Impact of Formal CME:Do Conferences, Workshops, Rounds and Other Traditional CE Activities Change Physician Behavoir or Health Care Outcomes?

Impact of Formal CME Article

Do conferences, workshops, rounds and other traditional continuing education activities change physician behavior or health care outcomes? This is the question that prefaced the journal article that I read by Davis, et al. This article examined the difference between real and ideal performance related to CME education outcomes. Supposedly physicians report on average 50 hours of CME per year yet the outcomes do not demonstrate this in physician performance and health care outcomes.
This article was actually very informative because it broke down all of the different types of CME that existed within the study. It looked at didactic CME, interactive CME and other variable effecting CME. It analyzed the positive and negative outcomes exhibited by its participants.
Overall I do not really have too much to say about this article. It showed that interactive/live CME techniques showed better physician outcomes and health care outcomes. This really does not come as a shock to me. Once you have the learner interested and engaged, knowledge absorption increases producing improved physician/healthcare related outcomes.
Other points of interest in this study looked at internal vs. external forces effecting physician learning. External focusing on the general practice or office environment and internal referring more to the physician participant. It found that physicians learning in self driven and that they develop their own priorities; clearly this is not knew knowledge. I think all human beings have internal and external forces that drive them to learning-workplace, peers, etc.
I felt that the material was hard to follow and very dry. It did not keep my attention. So far my least favorite article…thoughts anyone?


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