On-Site to On-Line: Barriers to the Use of Computers for CE

On-Site to On-Line

This journal article really got my attention I guess because I am so computer friendly. I mean I started my own blog!  I was very curious to see what they would present as barriers to people not wanting to use online CME training

First off I have to laugh because I am not shocked that they only received 35 % of the surveys back that they sent out. I know that when I get a survey in the mail I may not have the time to fill it out right then, but I eventually do it as I KNOW IT IS AFFECTING SOMEONES RESEARCH! I guess I would want someone to do the same for me so I always make time to get them done. But recently I sent out surveys to patients that were on service and out of twenty, got 1, yes only 1 back! I was shocked.

The main barriers that were evaluated in terms of online CME barriers were the following:
-too difficult to use
-too expensive
-too time consuming
-prefer in-person instruction
-not interested
-don’t know what it is
-don’t know how to use it

I chose three of these that I wanted to comment on. First the facts that people prefer in-person instruction. This actually scored the highest of all of the barriers! I agree with this concept for the most part. I would too always like to have face to face meetings when learning new techniques, but I really feel like my hectic schedule does not always allow for that. I enjoy being able to participate in online activities at my own pace and when I have the time. I feel like when I am looking to reinforce an idea the online education works. When learning a new concept I would almost always prefer one on one or face to face teaching/learning. I would prefer this more multiple reasons-hands on interaction is available and the chance for question and answers.

The fact that people do not know how to use it did not really surprise me. I feel that a lot of older people, such as my father have the basic knowledge of computers that is needed to get through ‘daily’ activities, but not much else. So the idea that they do not know how to use the online portion of CME does make sense. This also goes hand in hand with it being too difficult to use I guess as well.

I would think that the time consuming issue would not exist as you can do this at your leisure, but I guess I was wrong. It makes me wonder if the same demographic or people who said it was too hard to use or didn’t know how to use it said it is too time consuming. Obviously if you are not familiar with something it would take longer to use.

Overall it was a good article and an easy read!



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2 responses to “On-Site to On-Line: Barriers to the Use of Computers for CE

  1. It has been my experience over the years that the vast majority of people who actually try online learning do well with it if they give it a fair shot. Of course we prefer what we are used to as change is always frightening. My guess is that as time goes by, more and more organizations will be forced to use online learning for economic reasons. Of course, those 20 years or so younger than we are will think what is the big deal?

  2. WAAB

    Insightful snapshot from 1998. It would be interesting to know how things have changed since this study was conducted. I suspect that many of the barriers that may have been prohibitive in the late nineties are no longer deterring factors in 2012 as HCPs have become more familiar with the concept of online learning.

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